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Joint Venture between HyGear and BUSE Gases!

Joint Venture!

HyGear and BUSE Gases established Company in the United Kingdom.

Arnhem – HyGear, a supplier of industrial gases through on-site generation and BUSE Gases, member of BUSE Group, a leading supplier in industrial and specialty gases, announced today an establishment of a joint venture company.

The Joint Venture company named, BUSE HyGear Ltd. was set up with the objective to produce, fill and distribute hydrogen in the United Kingdom and will operate from West Bromwich near Birmingham in the West Midlands at the existing site of BUSE Gases Ltd. The company will deploy HyGear’s Hy.GEN technology to produce cost-effective hydrogen and distribute to the existing customers of Buse Ltd, as well as future HyGear’s Gas-as-a-Service customers in the region.

“In order to implement our Gas-as-a-Service model in the UK, we need a reliable and cost-effective source for backup and peak supply in the region. For which our Hy.GEN technology can be used effectively. By leveraging BUSE’s existing customer base for cylinder hydrogen, this can be done in an economically viable way within a short time frame”, comments Marinus van Driel, HyGear’s CEO.

BUSE Group’s CEO Roland Brakling confirms that, “The UK is a commercially interesting market for cylinder hydrogen and the availability of a local source would allow us to expand on our market share. We believe that the cooperation with HyGear, and the implementation of its Hy.GEN technology will allow us to achieve these goals and provide a more competitive offering for our existing and new customers for hydrogen and specialty gases”.

BUSE HyGear Ltd will commence its initial operations in August 2019. Throughout the course of 2019, the investments in Hy.GEN technology, filling facilities and cylinder racks or trailers will be done. The company is expected to be fully operational in the first quarter of 2020.

About HyGear
Providing an alternative solution for end-users of industrial hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen gases, HyGear developed cutting-edge technologies of on-site gas generation. With the combination of these systems and conventional gas distribution methods, we offer the most cost-effective and reliable supply method with a guarantee of 100% up-time.

Our technical services and customer support is guaranteed by many of our partners worldwide. And to be able to serve our customers more effectively, we have offices in Europe and Asia.
To learn more about our technologies, please contact our dedicated sales team at, +31 88 9494 308 (Europe) and, +65 6909 3064 (Asia).

About BUSE Group
The BUSE Group has grown quickly to become one of the leading independent European suppliers of the full range of Industrial and Specialty Gases and associated products – its portfolio includes cylinder and bulk gases for a wide number of applications including welding, food & drink, medical/pharmaceutical, research, offshore and fire protection.
At the centre of BUSE’s corporate philosophy are firm commitments to quality, reliability and customer service which have ciontributed to its growth and to develop its reputation in the markets where it operates as the supplier of choice.
With the development and introduction of new products and supply solutions, the BUSE Group also focuses on expansion and in taking advantage of the gaps in the market caused by the operational rationalisations of the global gases suppliers. The BUSE Group recognises the rapidly changing market environment and embraces these changes offering … reliability, flexibility and a different customer focused approach.
If you need more informations or have some questions please contact us: +44 (0)121 5241111 or send your mail to

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