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BREXIT! And now?

What will happen?

We take care of it.

Moved, but not lifted. It takes three months longer because the date has been postponed to 31.1.2020. The great uncertainty regarding the final result unfortunately remains.

It is understandable that no business likes to be in a position of uncertainty. BUSE Gases Ltd. is watching the situation closely and, wherever possible, is taking steps to avoid any impact on the own trading activities. The supply of product to existing and new customers in the period immediately before and for the months after the planned Brexit date must be ensured.

The contingency measures BUSE is taking should fully ensure continuity of our products. However, if you wish to concider whether there are critical product lines we are here for you, just get in contact with us. And it must be worked out whether provisions should be made prior to this date.
BUSE Gases Ltd. will not leave his customers alone in this difficult situation.

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