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Organic instead of diesel – Interview with CEO Roland Bräkling

Biogas Fuel Chain!

BUSE Joins Pilot Project!

BUSE Gas B.V. is participating in a pilot projecto reduce the burden on the environmentThis involves using non-fossil and low-emission fuels to power generators on construction sites. Biomethangas is used as a substitute fodiesel. 

organizations in the Dutch province of Gelderland got together to test the use of biogas on several construction sites. We spoke with BUSE Group CEO, Roland Bräkling, about the significance of this project for his company. 

Mr. Bräklingwhat made you want to participate in this project? 
The uniqueness of our planetThe Earth has given us so much in the last decades. Now, it is time to give something backOur shareholder’s awareness has also changedThey increasingly want a company that contributes to a greener society. Gashouders asked our Dutch subsidiary, BUSE Gas B.V. in Arnhem, about this pilot project at exactly the right time. Wdid our research and were convinced by Gashouders’ concept. Energy transition is currently a hot topicWe, the BUSE Group, want to do our partWe are also focusing on leaving a clean world to our children. 

What exactly are you contributing to this pilot project?
We are a specialist for producing cylinder bundlesAmong other things. Our contribution to the pilot project is the design and construction of the storage tanks with these bundles, which store the biomethane This mobile storage is transported to the construction site where it provides environmentally-friendly biogas as fuel for generators.

How can this project be integrated into your business policy and visions for the future?
At the BUSE Group, we always ask how we can contribute to a cleaner environmentThe BUSE Group already participates in hydrogen and bio-CO2 projects in several countries. The Sustainable Fuel Chain” (De Duurzame Brandstofketen) project therefore matches our corporate philosophy perfectlyBecause of the flat hierarchies at the BUSE Groupthe decision for BUSE Gas B.V. to participate in this project was made quickly. We simply seized the chance.  

What are your personal expectations for this pilot project?
First and foremost, we are hoping to increase other companies’ awareness for our planet. We have to treat our Earth more carefullyIndustry can make a major contribution to thisOf course, we expect this project to be successful and send the right signal, ecologically and economicallyThe costs of biogas as a fuel are comparable to those of diesel. The storage tanks with our bundles can be refilled and used at the next construction siteTruly a clean solution in every sense of the word. 

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