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The power of biogas – energy generation directly on site

First Sustainable Fuel Chain realized!

Less CO₂, nitrogen and particulate matter due to local use of biogas on site.

In the pilot ‘De Duurzame Brandstofketen” (The Sustainable Fuel Chain), six organizations, from their own specific role and expertise, work together to provide direct delivery of compressed biogas (bio-CNG) for temporary energy use in construction projects. The first local fuel chain has been realized from the sewage treatment plant Renkum to a construction site in the area. This reduces CO2 emissions of nitrogen, nitrogen oxides and fines both at the sewage treatment plant and at the construction site.

Ongoing collaboration

Less than a year ago, on 31 July 2020, the cooperation agreement was signed. A little over a year later, the six organizations realized the first Sustainable Fuel Chain. Gashouders controls the chain, in which the excess biogas from the purification process of the water is no longer flared, but is collected by a filling station of Gashouders. The biogas is converted into a zero impact fuel and delivered to regional projects of contractor company GMB. Buse Gas B.V. takes care of the development of containers for biogas storage and Koninklijke  van Twist supplies the gas engine for a hybrid aggregate, on locally produced biogas. The HAN (Arnhem and Nijmegen University of Applied Sciences) conducts research into the positive environmental impact of the chain.

Measuring is knowing

The pilot runs until 1 May 2023 and is a promising option for sustaining energy-intensive applications and emission-poor charging of electrical equipment in places where no mains connection is present. To measure the effects, the HAN will conduct research on the environmental impact over the next two years. We expect the first results in mid-July 2021.

This pilot is also made possible by a contribution from the European Union Regional Development Fund.

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