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CONTRACT SIGNED! Great success for BUSE Gases Ltd!

Success for the BUSE group!

Purchase of CO2 Secured for Years

North Nottinghamshire, UK
October 2022

After just 6 months of negotiations with Landmark Power Holding, BUSE Gases Ltd. has signed a long-term contract on the purchase of food-grade CO2. Landmark is setting a new standard for clean, flexible, and decentralised energy supply. A fine example of this is the new Rhodesia Project, a gas fired power plant that includes state of the art carbon dioxide capturing plant.

Start of delivery: 1. April 2024

CO2 is formed in the combustion process that is required to generate energy, this is caught and liquefied by a recovery plant. Construction has already started. The start of CO2 delivery has been contractually set for 1 April 2024. “However, if some quantities are available earlier, we can access it without any problems. In principle, this agreement guarantees a stable and reliable supply of tens of thousands of tonnes per year of food grade CO2, a supply that is independent of fertiliser production,” said Dimitris Sfikas, CEO of BUSE Gases Ltd. “This increase lifts us economically to a completely new level and gives us a tremendous competitive advantage,” Dimitris Sfikas continued.

The total volume of electricity from the plant is stated as 10 Megawatts. “With the Rhodesia Project and concluding the contract with BUSE Gases Ltd. we have reached another fantastic milestone and secured a partnership for our pioneering, flexible power plant with carbon capture in North Nottinghamshire, UK,” said CEO Michael Avison.

Who is Landmark?

Landmark Power Holdings was established in 2019 with the purpose to help to build a circular economy, by applying new methodologies to proven technologies in energy production. Landmark is a company made by Global Sustainable Energy Opportunities plc and Victory Hill Capital Advisors LLP. Their aim is to construct net zero flexible power generation projects in the UK and sell the power to the network. That happens by natural gas burning, a process that release CO2 as a by-product.

On behalf of Rhodesia Power Limited (Project SPV), we have concluded a 15-year contract on the purchase of food-grade CO2 with BUSE Gases Ltd., one of the leading providers in the field of industrial and special gases.

Good to know!

Potential purchasers or sectors for which “clean” CO2 is important are already very familiar among the clients of the BUSE Group. This shows that they have considerable expertise.

  • Greenhouse
  • Refrigeration
  • Food/MAP
  • Freezing application in Food Industry
  • Dry Ice
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