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CO2 Plants and Dry Ice

Skilled. Special. Global.

We are proven experts when it comes to CO2 plants and dry ice. Together with Asco Kohlensäure AG, our extensive specialist knowledge and extremely long experience make us a reliable team with a global network.

In Asco Kohlensäure AG, we found a strong partner and entered into a merger in 2014 to take advantage of our complementary strengths. The result has been even more experience, even more specialized knowledge, even better performance – the best combination for you.

CO2 Plants

Success comes from experience.

And we’ve got plenty of that. For almost half a century, we have been intensively involved in the construction of CO2 plants and equipment. Whether standardized or tailored to exact customer specifications, we deliver precisely what you need. We attach particular importance to the end product, the quality of the CO2. For both its liquid and gaseous form, we guarantee the highest degree of purity. With our products, you are sure to meet the standards and requirements of the beverage and gas industry.

Our expertise in plant engineering is extensive. It ranges from recovery, generation, and pressure disinfestation plants to evaporator systems. Our portfolio is rounded off by a wide range of equipment, our spare parts service, and competent technical support.

Would you like to know more? Then contact our partner, ASCO KOHLENSÄURE AG. They are the experts for your CO2 needs.

Dry Ice Technology

Our technology won’t leave you cold.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers and specialists in the production of dry ice, we have a lot to offer. With our unique range of hydraulically operated machines for the production of dry ice, you are sure to find the right product for your needs – whether pellets, blocks, or slices. You can order a complete package or purchase components on request. Are you looking for a tailor-made solution for your production lines? With our “made in Germany” plants, we develop a demand-oriented plant concept, which can include elements such as a packaging machine, CO2 storage tank, and CO2 recovery plant. We can bring your plans to life.


Ready to get started? Then contact our partner, ASCO KOHLENSÄURE AG.



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