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Dry Ice

Solid. Odourless. Cold.

When cold isn’t cold enough. In such cases, dry ice is an excellent refrigerant. But one must ensure that liquids such as water are excluded from coming into contact with dry ice due to its rapid sublimation. This means that it skips the liquid state and evaporates directly into gaseous form. Since dry ice has a temperature of -78.5°C under normal ambient conditions, and special containers are required for storage and transport. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered


Small but effective.

Different applications require different types of dry ice. Pellets, for instance, are needed for dry ice blasting. With our high-quality machines and hydraulic presses, we can produce pellet sizes of 3, 10, and 16 mm diameter. The output of our machines varies. They range from 30 kg/h to cover own requirements to powerful 480 kg/h presses for industrial dry ice producers. So, blast away.


Square, practical, cold.

Would you like your ice sliced or diced? With our block ice machines, we can produce dry ice slices or blocks. This type of dry ice is often used in airline catering or for the transport refrigeration of fresh or frozen food. At BUSE, we offer two different systems for the production of these dry ice variants. Their output ranges from 230 kg/h to an incredible 480 kg/h. Whether you need a lot or a little, we have the right system.


Aspiration that Speaks for Itself.

We must be convinced of our products and services. This is the only way we can operate on the market with a clear conscience. Years of experience and development have put us in a leading position. Our reputation is built on quality. And that is what you can expect form us.

Our dry ice is used for diverse tasks …

  • Cooling food (directly during production, for catering, or transport)
  • Cooling pharmaceutical products
  • Shipping samples and frozen food applications in the laboratory
  • Shipping samples and frozen food applications in the laboratory

Due to its useful properties, dry ice is a hot seller …

  • Residue-free sublimation at –78.5 °C
    (no liquid release)
  • Bacteriostatic effect
  • Displacement of atmospheric oxygen
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Excellent dry ice quality with high density, hardness, and long shelf life
  • High dry ice yield (optimized process engineering and design)
  • Strict quality controls in production and before delivery
  • Nontoxic

We are outgoing.

Your personal point of contact.

Mark Gamelkoorn 
 +31 (0)26 3034225

Thomas Smit 
 +31 (0)26 3034228

Barry Pearson BUSE

Barry Pearson 
Account Manager
+44 (0)7471 030471

Dimitris Ioannidis 
Managing Director
 +30 22620 57240



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