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As a dynamic, flexible business, BUSE are continually looking to improve our customer offering. For our customers as well as for BUSE performance in the market place, this keeps us both competitive. Here you will find everything that happens next to our products and markets. More than just gases.

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Gashouders Biogas Fire Chain

MAG welding – The mixture has to be optimized

Optimisation of the Argon and Carbon dioxide shielding mixes provide excellent weld bead profile leading to improved efficiency. Additions of Helium can further enhance performance and weld integrity when MAG welding Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

TIG welding – For clean welds

Unlike MAG welding, TIG welding is a melting process with Pure Argon used as a shielding atmosphere to protect the weld pool, Helium and Hydrogen can be introduced to further enhance productivity and finish for some applications.

Cutting and grinding – Purity is needed

Acetylene and Propane fuel gases are all ideally suited to all mild steel cutting applications, so as to optimise efficiency and cut finish it’s necessary to understanding the needs of the application.

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