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Examination & Overhaul

Secure. Precise. Conscientious.

Better safe than sorry. This is especially true where extremely explosive or flammable gases are involved. The highest priority is the prevention of incidents. That’s why you should call on us. We keep a watchful eye on all cylinders, tanks, and accessories.

The same attention to detail is applied to our work overhauling cylinders and tanks. After all, we want our high-quality products to retain their quality. This also applies to the specified volumes sold. If the volume changes due to quality defects in the tank or valve, this could have a negative effect on the area of application. Avoid such problems with BUSE – we deliver on our promises!

Cylinder Inspections

Test therefore what join forever.

This applies in particular to the use and application of fire extinguishing systems and their extinguishing agents. That’s why a thorough inspection of the cylinders we fill is a firmly integrated service component. What may escape the human eye can be detected via our water pressure test and water jacket procedure (volume expansion). More than 200,000 cylinders must face these control procedures every year. We test according to all international regulations such as TPED, Apragaz, TÜV, Lloyd’s, or GL. If your cylinder passes, you know you can depend on it when needed. This process is repeated every ten years.

  • Welded Cylinders
  • Seamless Cylinders
    Their production is very elaborate, complex and technically demanding.
  • Composite Cylinders
    So-called composite cylinders are used primarily for respiratory applications in medicin
  • Cylinders/Valves/Accessories
Blasting / Painting

Is the paint peeling off?

Don’t worry – we have a modern painting line for all common cylinder sizes. Whether wet painting or powder coating, just give us the shade and we’ll put it on your cylinder. We can even implement your corporate design in a single color or color combination according to individual specifications. In this way, we ensure the recognition your brand needs.

Some defects are hidden from the naked eye.

It is therefore not always possible to determine whether a tank or cylinder is damaged on the inside – for example, if rust makes testing impossible. With steel shot blasting or shot peening, the inner wall of the cylinders is freed from such contamination. This method can also be applied externally if the cylinders have to be powder-coated afterward.

The slightly faster coating option.

Powder coating eliminates the need for a drying process. This makes it a real alternative to classic wet painting. The protective function of the surface is in no way inferior to that of a classic paint finish. After coating, the powder is hardened via heat curing. Hot finish, resistant surface.

For the roughest environments.

In offshore conditions, the cylinder’s outer walls are exposed to intense sunlight, contact with salt water, and extreme winds. Here, a multilayer coating that is up to 4.5 times thicker than conventional coatings protects against damage.

We are outgoing.

Your personal point of contact.

Marco von Lanen 
Senior Sales Manager
 +31 (0)26 3034222

Mark Gamelkoorn 
 +31 (0)26 3034225

Thomas Smit 
 +31 (0)26 3034228

Robert Nollet
Sales Assistent
 +31 (0)26 3034232

Bob Siccama
Production Leader
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Barry Pearson BUSE

Barry Pearson 
Account Manager
+44 (0)7471 030471

Dimitris Ioannidis 
Managing Director
 +30 22620 57240



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