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BUSE Group Code of Conduct for Suppliers

The BUSE Group takes its social and ecological responsibilities seriously and acts both ethically and loyally in all its business activities. We do everything in our power to comply with legal regulations and to adhere to guidelines. This applies to all of our employees and we expect the same from our subcontractors and suppliers – consistently and without exception. In the event of violations BUSE Group will be forced to sever contractual ties with the offending supplier.

We protect our employees
The safety of each individual and safety in the workplace have the highest priority and are paramount. BUSE Group complies with rules and regulations, and we expect the same from our suppliers. Our key concerns are the continuous improvement of our working environment, safety in the workplace and the physical health of our employees.

We take our social responsibilities seriously and protect the rights of the individual
Our employees perform their tasks voluntarily and of their own volition. We are strictly against all forms of forced or slave labour, as well as the performance of tasks under duress. Free will is essential. It must always be possible for an employee to terminate or discontinue their employment relationship if they so wish. Fair remuneration and the payment of additional benefits according to applicable laws and the rates customary for the industry are mandatory. This also applies to any overtime. It must also be ensured that fair working hours are strictly observed. We are also vehemently against child labour.
We will not tolerate any discrimination based on gender, race, skin colour, disability or any other grounds. The personal rights, privacy and dignity of each individual employee must be respected.

We are legally compliant
We will not accept any breach of regulations. The observance of laws, guidelines and individually agreed codes forms the basis of our company’s activities and we expect the same from our suppliers. We cannot and will not tolerate any form of bribery, blackmail, corruption or embezzlement.

We feel ecologically responsible
We must protect the environment. That applies to us as a group as well as to our suppliers. The laws, regulations and guidelines that are applicable to our sector must all be observed. This includes industrial emissions, waste water and the consumption of raw materials. These aims should be pursued, complied with and improved upon with the help of an appropriate environmental management system.

Taking responsibility
We expect our suppliers and subcontractors to act responsibly and uphold the same principles as we do in the BUSE Group.

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