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Engineering & Installation

Complete. Needs-based. Smooth.

As a full-service provider, we provide our customers with more than just pure gas or gas mixtures of the highest quality – we also ensure that your gas needs are fully met and optimally managed. From planning and development to installation and handover – we handle every single stage in a personal and customer-oriented manner. After all, our success depends on your success. That’s why we go the extra mile to help you achieve new heights.

Individual Solutions

Our goal is the journey.

Because we take your gas to where you actually need it. This applies to small quantities as well as large ones. With our plants and distribution networks, we provide you with a constant supply of gas at the highest quality.

For an exact design, plan and implementation, it is important to know the exact conditions on site. In a joint meeting, we take stock and analyze the situation. These are coordinated with and adapted to the customer’s ideas and requirements as well as to the local possibilities. On this basis, we develop an absolutely needs-based distribution network and plant concept.
Whether individual gas cylinders, bundles, pipelines, storage tanks or on-site facilities, we will meet your expectations. Nothing stands in the way of a secure gas supply – be it stationary or mobile.
And because we follow a holistic approach, we will also equip you with the necessary components – from pressure reducers to non-return devices and quick connectors. With us, you’ll always be safe and supplied.

Self-Supply (on-site)

Be your own customer.

Sometimes, it is advisable and helpful to hold the reins in your own hands. It can provide a convenient independence and allows for tighter cost control. But most importantly, you can ensure the supply and provision of the required gases: no delivery bottlenecks, no transport problems. A self-supply system provides you with exactly these advantages.

Take a deep breath when it’s about your oxygen supply. Together with you, we can develop a system that is tailored to your needs. This will allow you to control your costs and stay on the safe side when it comes to oxygen availability. Our generator can supply oxygen from 1 to 400 m3/h.

We are outgoing.

Your personal point of contact.

Marcel Tuerlings 
Gas Specialist
 +31 (0)26 3230740

Dimitris Sfikas
Managing Director
 +44 (0)121 5241111

Dimitris Ioannidis 
Managing Director
 +30 22620 57240



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