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We can do it!

Corona has the world in its grip!
We are doing everything in our power to minimise the risk.

We are reacting to the corona pandemic and protecting not just ourselves, but our customers as well.

That is why we have reduced the number of employees in our offices to an absolute minimum. Where at all possible, colleagues are working from home. The aim is to limit the spread of the coronavirus, whilst at the same time maintain our business activities to meet our customer needs.
Currently, this applies especially to the field of medicine, but it is still just as crucial as ever that enough extinguishing agent is available in case of fires or explosions. And of course, it also applies to the food supply chain, which is more important than ever in a crisis like this.

You can rely on us and on the fact that we will master this extraordinary situation together. We will remain as accessible to you as ever!

Please observe the local regulations, as will we.

Stay healthy,

Your BUSE-Team

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