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Success! BUSE UK Can Now Perform Cylinder Inspections

With Certification, BUSE Gases Ltd. Has Shown That It Can Be Highly Trusted.

As of Today, Cylinder Inspections Are Carried Out Firsthand.

It attests to a company’s great dependability and expertise when it is issued the cylinder inspection certificate, and this is exactly what the BUSE Group’s West Bromwich (UK) branch managed to achieve after intensive and time-consuming audits. Gone are the days when it had to bring in an external inspector. “Now we are more flexible and service-oriented with our customers,” says Ronald Hendriks, Managing Director of BUSE Gases Ltd. “We can be more responsive to their specific wishes and needs. This is exactly what a dynamic mid-sized company such as the BUSE Group needs.”

In doing so, the responsibility that BUSE is assuming is significant. Yet it is well-equipped to handle this thanks to the many years of experience and commitment to quality of its responsible, trained employees. Regardless of whether it’s visual inspections, pressure tests, or water jacket methods; nothing is left to chance. This is because we at the BUSE Group take our customers’ safety – and thus the trust they place in us – very seriously.

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