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Medical sector moves into focus

Strategic expansion in the medical sector!
BUSE Scientific focusses on the medical field.

The preparations are in full swing. BUSE Scientific is in the starting blocks with running shoes tied tight. The new division of the BUSE group of companies will be active as a sales partner for an Israeli company which has already made a name for itself in the field of nuclear medicine. The project will initially be launched in Great Britain, as the necessary strategic and personnel conditions exist there. However, the other European locations of the BUSE group of companies are also actively driving this cooperative work with science and research. “Our partner company is specialized in the production of 18O water and 18O gas. Both are isotopes which are used in nuclear medicine,” explains Roland Bräkling, CEO of the BUSE group of companies.

The main application of such 18O products is mostly in PET imaging, position emission tomography. Patients are injected with a weakly radioactive substance, the distribution of which is visible on the tomography sectional images. These procedures are of great importance not only in oncology, but also in neuro- and cardiology. “We, the BUSE Group, support science and research with our know-how”, Roland Bräkling adds. “We also want to make a positive contribution to promoting, improving and further developing diagnostics, analyses and new developments.” For this reason, the company intends to establish itself even more intensively in this field of medical technology in the future. The focus is on contacts and business relationships with hospitals, research institutions and the producers of fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG).

Currently, the number competitors in this market is very manageable. “By intensifying activities and expanding the division, we see great opportunities to take a big step forward in research and science,” concludes CEO Bräkling.

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